When working with families, we observe the following principles: 

  • We seek constructive and fair ways to resolve disputes.
  • We take maximum account of children’s interests.
  • We protect clients’ interests without unnecessarily escalating the conflict and obstructing the court dispute.
  • We deal with clients comprehensibly, openly and honestly. We do not hide behind complicated legal terminology.

Who are we?

We are lawyers specialising in family law. We work at the Frank Bold Lawyers law firm, which in addition to family law also engages in a range of other branches of law.

Lawyer Martin Kornel is the professional guarantor of the cases we work on. He has been teaching family law at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University since 2012. Martin has represented clients in a number of complex family-legal affairs, including publicised cases.

Martin has a doctorate degree in family law. In the past, he was a member of the board of directors and senior manager in several major corporations. He publishes regularly and speaks at specialised conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Who you’ll be working with

Martin Kornel

Natálie Ženatá Pecháčková

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