Lawyers for international couples and families

We help people in international relationships solve their complicated family situations. Be it divorce, child custody, settlement of property relations or all these combined, we always want our clients to make good decisions about the most important thing they have - their partner and family relationships.


We have a wide range of contacts for lawyers abroad whom we cooperate with. We have people in dozens of countries, who can handle the matter personally and according to local customs if necessary. In CZ our partners are experienced mediators.

Which life situations we solve

Here you can find out what we can do for you in a given situation, and answers to basic questions: whether your case will be heard by courts in the Czech Republic or abroad, what course of proceedings to expect and the usual costs.

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Which life situations we solve
15. 3. 2021

Prenuptial and Marital Agreements for International Couples

The treatment of property relations between spouses or engaged couples is an important and often overlooked aspect of matrimony. Drafting a prenuptial agreement is how future spouses can prevent potential…
Which life situations we solve
15. 3. 2021

Child support after Their Parents’ Divorce

A child’s right to support is among their most fundamental legal rights relative to their parents. The specific amount of support, meanwhile, is based primarily on  their needs and their parents’ property…
Which life situations we solve
15. 3. 2021

Maintenance between Spouses

Spouses have a mutual maintenance obligation that is in accord with the principle of mutual support and that provides for the protection of the weaker party. The existence of a…
Which life situations we solve
18. 3. 2020

Custody of minors after divorce / separation of parents

In a situation when the marriage / partnership is disintegrating, we believe child care is the most important thing the partners should attempt to agree on, even at the price…

Our values

Our mission is to help our clients make good decisions. Family and partnership relationships are one of the most valuable things we have. This is why we strive to have a minimal impact when working with families. We do not want to make trench wars out of family disputes. In practice, we have found that the willingness of (former) partners to agree at least partially leads not only to proper relationships in the future, but also to the much swifter conclusion of the dispute. More about our principles of working with families >>>

What does cooperation involve?


Complete the basic information on this website

We only need your contact info and the situation you are dealing with. All you need to do is fill the form below.

Agree on an appointment

We will call you with a proposal for the next possible appointment and agree on the means of payment. The price for one hour of consultation is CZK 3 590 without VAT. If you decide to entrust your case to us after this meeting, we will continue to charge the same hourly rate.

First meeting

What you will get from the meeting: 1) How to deal with your case from a legal point of view. 2) An overview of the next steps to be taken. 3) What documents and documents you need to collect to resolve your family situation.

We get to work

If you give us the green light, we will take over the case and do everything possible to conclude it successfully. You will also be able to pull the brake at any time and opt for an amicable solution. In this case, we will arrange a mediator or family counsellor.

Agree to a preliminary meeting with a lawyer

You can read about how we handle personal data here.

Divorces in CZ and Europe in numbers

See 7 surprising pieces of statistics on marriage and divorce trends.

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